Every piece is sewn and/or created with love and inspiration from my Mom.❤

"I know if you try sewing you will like it." --My Mom

That statement is where it all began. My mom was an amazing seamstress and very creative. I always idoled her ability to sew so many beautiful pieces. Her sewing machine was often parked on our dining room table and she would be up late or early sewing something.

When she was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer I thought I should take her advice and give it a try--sometimes I feel like she knew me better than I knew myself so now was the time. She gave me a few lessons and graciously gave me her new sewing machine she never really used. And just like Mom predicted, I LOVED it.

My first piece was a quilt for my mom for Christmas with the grandkid's names on it. It turned out amazing and she loved it. Now that she passed I'm so glad I took her advice and gave it a try. Being able to carry on the tradition of sewing is something I hold dear to my heart.

Since then I've created various pieces and love sharing them with you all!

Every piece is created with love and inspired by my amazing and talented Mom. ❤

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